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With Friends Like These…

Posted in Uncategorized by Phil Russo on December 28, 2009

Every Saturday, since April, from 4 to 6 p.m. Jason Hoyt and I host a radio show where we talk about politics and political activism. We talk about the Tea Party movement and talk to guests about different groups to get involved with and different ways to be involved. We have a lot of fun doing the show and we hope that it has an impact. At the end of the show I hope we have entertained and informed people.

Doing talk radio was a dream of mine since I was in high school. I consider it an honor and a blessing that I continue to have the opportunity to do the show. Before the show starts I bounce up and down in front of my microphone (some people watching on webcam love my bouncing others hate it). I do the entire show standing because I am so excited and full of energy I can’t sit still. I think doing talk radio is a very special thing, but there is something that makes it even more special.

I get to do the show every week with the best cohost in the whole world of talk radio, Jason Hoyt. Hoyt is not just a close friend, he is honestly one of the greatest human beings on the face of the planet. It’s going to be hard to explain in a blog what makes Hoyt so great but I am going to try.

Hoyt is one of the most dedicated patriots I have ever met. We have known each other since 2003 and I’ve met a lot of great patriots since then but no one comes close to being as dedicated as Hoyt. Hoyt is on a mission to save this country and understands that it is going to be a long struggle void of instant gratification.

To Hoyt this is a generational struggle. This is the concept behind his website, to use education over the course of the next several generations to get this country back to the country it should be. Few people I know would have the patience and dedication for such a project but the indefatigable Jason Hoyt does.

Hoyt has always been an inspiration to me that way. Seeing one man fighting so hard to save his country makes me want to fight harder. This lone voice in the wilderness makes others want to join the cause. He is a natural leader that people instinctivly want to follow. His knoweldge of the issues and stoic nature also serve well to calm people when we are frustrated and feel like giving up.

Every Saturday when I stand in front of my microphone and look across the table and see Hoyt I thank God for giving me such a great friend. I thank God that he has given me such a deep well from which to draw inspiration. I thank God also for making patriots like Jason Hoyt.