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Not All Pols Are Created Equal

Posted in Uncategorized by Phil Russo on October 31, 2009

Like a lot of you I used to be really jaded when it comes to politicians. A lot of them seems like they think they are something special and the rest of us are nobodys not worthy of their time or attention. Our congressman, Alan Grayson, is one of the best examples of this. At public events speaks to us with contempt and acts as if we are beneath him. There are politcians like this on both sides of the aisle.
There are, however, some politicians that are down to earth and capable of communicating with us “little people”. State Representative Scott Plakon, who represents district 37 in the Florida House, was a guest on our show a few months back and has been several times since. I am now honored to call him a personal friend.
There are even politicians like Scott Plakon at the federal level. Congressman Steve King of Iowa’s 5th district is one such man. Mr. King was a guest on the show a few weeks back and again today. Jason and I were both very impressed with the way Congressman King spoke to us like a friend not a politcian. After the interview I spoke to Congressman King off the air, he was friendly and easy to speak to. You would think that he would hurry me off the phone instead of taking the time to listen to me but he didn’t. He took the time to have an actual conversation and he listened like any friend would.
I think we need to have more Steve Kings and less Alan Graysons; not just based on politics but based on personality. We need more politicians who really listen to people and who really care not just politicians who pretend to listen so they can LOOK like they care. We need to elect politicians like Steve King who have the ability to communicate with regular people because they are regular people. We need to elect politicians who have worked for a living instead of millionaires that buy their seats because they want the power that comes with being a congressman. We also need more politicians who understand that representative is not a title but a job description. We need more politicians who are regular people who care like Steve King and Scott Plakon and less power hungry millionaires like Alan Grayson. It’s up to us to make it happen.


Making friends

Posted in Uncategorized by Phil Russo on October 3, 2009

Today in the radio show we had as a guest a very smart and very talented young lady named Rachelle Friberg. Rachelle is a blogger from the west coast and the newest member in the ever-growing family of patriots that has formed since this movement began back in February. It makes me happier than my limited grasp of the English language could ever permit me to relate to you in this blog.

Since this began I have found many other people my age that share my conservative values and moreover, they want to do something about it. Men like TJ Thompson from Indiana and Brad Rees from Virginia are running for congress and many others have taken to the blogosphere, like Rachelle, to make their voices heard. It is encouraging to see so many people my age that refuse to sit on the sidelines; they are buttoning their chinstraps and getting into the game. Politics is no longer a spectator sport and my generation is breaking new ground using technology to get into the game.

This family that we have created is full of the most caring and patriotic people I have ever met. We are growing extremely close and we spend hours talking, emailing, and texting each other. We have deep conversations about politics, religion, and life. We are here to help each other in any way we can and we are helping each other share our talents with a wider and wider network of patriots.

I am honored that God has brought these people into my life and I am happy to be a small part of this family.

Please read Rachelle’s blog at and learn more about Brad and TJ’s campaigns at and