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Going Strong in SC

Posted in Uncategorized by Phil Russo on September 10, 2009

We crossed into South Carolina a few minutes ago. We are all going strong. Kelsey may be fading a little bit but we are drinking plenty of Mt. Dew and we are so excited to see everyone in DC this weekend. Driving along listening to Glenn Beck.

The weather and traffic have gone in our favor thus far. We have yet to see another car decorated or a bus headed to DC. I hope we bump into some people headed our way. Dave from Orlando is about an hour behind us and we are keeping in touch via SMS. Tom T just got some nasty coffee from a gas station off I-95. He is convinced that they used water from the toilet. It must be pretty bad. Ha ha!!! We have seen a few Piggly Wiggly trucks on the road today. It cracks me up.

We have also seen a lot of cops on the road but thankfully none of them have been looking for rightwing extremists.

More soon!

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  1. Bernadine said, on September 10, 2009 at 9:26 am

    Start watching for Pedro, South of the Border signs. I think Julia counted 77,northbound this summer…….This is where Bernanke waited tables in his youth…..You’re going to crack up when you see this place, Phil! Get a shot of the sombrero water tower!!

  2. Nick Egoroff said, on September 10, 2009 at 9:36 am

    Keep these updates coming Phil! Enjoy the trip up there. Take advantage of the trip together and build strong friendships with everyone. I did a trip like yours last year for a rally and got to know some great people.

    Wish I could come but the State Sovereignty Summit I was helping promote fell on the same day.

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