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A Depressing Sight

Posted in Uncategorized by Phil Russo on September 10, 2009

We passed by South of the Border a few minutes ago and we stopped to take some pictures. It was like a ghost town. Very depressing. Obama says that we are in a recovery, you wouldn’t know it from looking at South of the Border.

I couldn’t help but think about all the business owners and employees that are struggling through this economy while the president runs around talking about how great the economy is doing. Crazy.

Meanwhile, we are driving thru NC and it is beautiful. Tom T is getting tired but we are almost there. We are having such a great time. We have not seen any other cars heading up to DC, that we could tell anyway. I know that a car from Orlando is about an hour behind us and there are some folks on Twitter that are on I-95.

Kelsey is in the back doing a crossword while Tom and I listen to Rush and chain smoke.

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  1. Bernadine said, on September 10, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    I felt the same way, Phil. We drove past in December, as we have every December for 9 years and it was all broken down. By our July trip, it looked like tumbleweeds were going to roll down the parking lot. A sign of things happening all over the country.

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