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The time to fight is now.

Posted in Uncategorized by Phil Russo on August 25, 2009

  This past Saturday at the Orlando Tea Party the focus was activism and how to get involved.  We need more people out there to get active.  We have our hands full trying to fight the liberals that we cannot afford to spend much time trying to rally our own side.  I understand that most people want to get home from work, see their kids, and watch some brain candy on TV, but nothing is more important than fighting for our liberties.  Each and every one of us must look inside themselves and ask, “At what point to I stand up and fight Big Brother?”, is it when our currency is so deflated it costs $50,000 for a loaf of bread?  Is it when the executive branch executes a wiretap on YOUR phone without a warrent?  Do not wait until you have lost the liberty you hold so dear to start fighting.  Is not freedom the most sacred thing God has given man?  The time to fight is now! Before we lose any more of our precious liberties, not later or tomorrow or next week but NOW!  The war has already begun, the governments assault on our freedom is in full swing and sooner than later they will come after one of the liberties that you hold dear.  Get involved with the grassroots; go to a Tea Party or join a 9-12 meet-up group, anything to get on to the front lines, we need all of you.  If we have given up there is no hope left for the freedom of mankind, if we have given up then we are all slaves and Big Brother has won.

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